The ideal Meeting Rooms

For many companies the reality of remote working has become the ‘norm’ ever since the lockdown. Technology does help to keep everyone in contact but at some point, eventually, you will need to meet in person.

It may be that you have a number of Technical personnel that need updating with the latest processes or procedures, or need a venue to meet with a number of your potential customers to show your latest products.

Whatever your requirement, you need a venue that has not only a great central location for everyone to meet at, but one that also offers high speed communications and video conferencing facilities.

At the same time you need flexibility, do you need a meeting space for a week or a day or perhaps something more regular like once a week or once a month? And for how many people?

Yarmouth Business Centre has the answer for all of your meeting and conferencing requirements with a variety of rooms that can be laid out to suit your needs or preferences.

Meeting rooms of all sizes from Yarmouth Business Centre Great Yarmouth

Where most charge for facilities such as Drink making, whiteboards, flip charts and large video displays, Yarmouth Business Centre includes these in the price.

When it comes to access, our rooms have electronic access locks activated by cards to give you ease of access as well as security and if you require regular meetings, simply retain your card and we will reactivate it ready for your next meeting.

To give you a speedy and reliable connection to the wider world we use WIFI 6 and, if required, can provide separate logins for your presenters and delegates.

Yarmouth Business Centre aims to provide some of the best Office Rental Spaces, Meeting Rooms, Workshop Units, Storage, Professional Mailboxes, and Virtual Office facilities available in Great Yarmouth.

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